New Home: Development Options and Choices

This is part 3 of a series: New Home: Part 1, Luxury, Part 2, On Your Own Land,

Part 3, Development options and choices.

Many builders offer homes in developments where they are the exclusive builder.

A new home in a matter of months! Yes it is possible. Here is what you need to know.

  • Pricing: When looking through options, it may seem some builders have much better prices. The real question to ask is: What is included? ‘Pricing strategy’ varies from builder to builder.

Some will have very low ‘Base’ prices, but practically everything is an ‘Upgrade’ which adds $100,000 to the price.

Other builders will offer a higher ‘base price’, but include features that may the home attractive and comfortable even with no ‘upgrades’.

To compare apples to apples, ask them to price the same features in the same size home, so you can compare the bottom line.

Many communities have ‘Lot Premiums’ for the best lots, so make sure you select a lot you like before asking for a price.

  • Incentive: An incentive may be offered to entice you to buy. Sales strategy makes them ‘Limited time offers’ to get you to buy sooner rather than later. These may be reasonable, or it could be a bate and switch. Having a Realtor who knows the builders and their pricing strategy is helpful to ensure you get the best deal possible.

Many builders employ new home salespeople to sit in the model homes and sell. These folks are not Realtors, just salespeople for the builder. Keep this in mind before disclosing information that may hurt your negotiation.

Many Builders tie any incentive to using their preferred title company and lender. This can be fine for a buyer, but compare interest rate and terms with preferred lenders before committing to ensure you are getting a reasonable rate and terms.

  • Locations: When looking for a new home, you may be set on a certain school district or area.

Think about your taxes and resale value before settling on a location. Having a local Realtor pro can ensure you know all your options within your target area. We may be able to suggest options you may not have entertained on your own.

On a new home, taxes have not been established, so make sure you know what property taxes will reasonably be, before committing to a mortgage.

  • Quality: Not every home is created equal!

No one wants to buy an inferior home. Do you know what features to look for in a new home? Many higher standards can be easily achieved by minimal costs. Selecting a builder who gives a higher level of quality will be well worth it in the end.

  • Resale value and stability: Protect your investment!

Make sure the builder you are purchasing from is established and has a history of satisfied customers. Nothing can be worse than buying a new home, only to see the builder slide into bankruptcy or chaos. Financial stability is essential to honor the new home warranty you will receive and provide a quality product.

  • Time: If you are not familiar with the market, you can spend many hours figuring out all the above items. Our new home experts know the market, know the lots, and know how to match you with the best options based on your needs. The best part? It does not cost you anything. As a buyer, the compensation your Realtor receives comes from the seller, but their duty is to represent your interest and serve you.

If you want to get started on the fast track to your new home- contact us today for a free consultation. Save time and fast track to your dream home!


Dated, Dark and Dirty

When Liz and Matt walked into my new open house recently, they said they have visited practically every house in their school district. Everything was dated, dark and dirty for a high price.  Want pink carpet and leaking roofs? Not them. They had walked into a home and walked right back out in 2 minutes flat with the last house.

Then, they thought about new. Why not? Everything is at the beginning of its life. It has tons of natural light. And it smells new. What’s not to love?

Liz and Matt picked an open floor plan with a soft gray color scheme, and built it on a lot backing to a park. “Everything is exactly what we picked, right down to the color of the front door” Matt said, “We can move in and only argue about where my flat screen TV will go”.

If you are thinking of new, there has never been a better time. Beautiful home sites are available in every location throughout York County. Tom Pendergast and Naomi Brown of the CCP Team with Berkshire Hathaway Realty are your local New Home Experts. Representing a host of builders and developers, they can find an option for everyone.

Building New Homes had almost completely stopped during the recession years, but has come roaring back in 2017. A hard decline in homes for sale, coupled with an increase in buyers has resulted in a very low inventory market. According to, sales of New Homes are forecast to rise in every market, to meet the demand from buyers.

Want to buy a lot and build? That is a different process, but we can help you there.  Always available to help walk you though the details and excitement of a new home!

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the price is rightWhen selling your home, the right price and an attractive appearance are arguably the two most basic essentials.  Buyers have a pool of choices and since no two homes are alike it is crucial to make a distinction between your home and the competition.

Studies have shown that the first 2 weeks on the market are the most important.  During this time, your home will be exposed to the most active buyers, through internet searches and buyers’ agents. Therefore, if you are over-priced, your home could easily get overlooked and you could be forced to endure a slow stream of random buyers who enter the market after that point.

According to one report, homes that sold within the first week of being on the market, earned an average of about 2% over list price, while homes that sat on the market for four months sold for more than 11% below their original list price.

The Rebecca New Brittany Model

There are several things you should consider:

Request CMAs – Determining the value of your home is the best place to start.  A CMA (comparative market analysis) will show you the prices of recently SOLD homes in your area, homes on the market now, and homes that did not sell.  You should consider the price of the sold homes, not just the current LIST price of area homes. Realtors seldom want to list a home that is over-priced for the simple fact that the chance of selling your home would be much lower.

Think like a Buyer – The features you consider important in your home may not be the same features that buyers will consider valuable.  Discuss current home trends with your Realtor.  Your home’s price should be comparable to other similar homes; not be reflective of what you think its worth.

Sweeten the Deal – Some buyers have needs that go beyond the bottom line price.  The ability to close quickly, seller-financing, or assistance with closing costs can be a strong attraction to buyers.  The more flexible you can be in meeting these other financial needs, the more successful you will be in pricing and selling your home quickly.

Do your own Research – It is important to educate yourself and visit open houses in your area.  Make an assessment of how these homes compare to yours in terms of location, size, amenities, and condition.  If all sale prices were the same, would you buy your home or someone else’s?

React Quickly – Immediately after your home hits the market there should be a flurry of interest and showing activity.  If not, this may indicate that your home is over-priced.  If this limited interest continues for a few weeks, you should react.  It’s still not too late to reduce the price, but do it quickly in order to sustain some interest!

Consider the Market – Things to think about: Are homes selling quickly?  Are the interest rates attractive?  Is the economy good?  How is the local job market?

Keep it Clean – You only get one chance to make a first impression.  Clean it up and fix it up.  Make all necessary small repairs, such as fixing minor leaks, patching drywall cracks, or holes in the walls.  Clean up clutter and remove personal items.  Make sure your home is immaculate every time a buyer steps inside.

You have one chance to grab buyers’ attention.  Make sure your home’s price stands out from all the others for the right reason!!

Is it time for you to get ready?

For the past 6 years, routine dinner conversation would cover the housing market and just how terrible it was!

I personally had to turn a home into a rental, because we were under water on our mortgage, but had to move!

The good news? Recovery has come!! More and more people are finding they can sell and make money!

We sold our rental home last fall, and we did fairly well, selling in 2 days with multiple offers.

If you are thinking of selling in this improving market, now it the time!

Here’s why:

Ready to sell? Flier

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Your Legacy Home Awaits

Do you long to get out of a cardboard cookie cutter house, and into a home that people remember?  A home where memories are forged and connections to your home run deep?

This Gracious Legacy Home is Open this Sunday, April 17th,1-3PM.

Offered at: $399,900

Come Visit:  880 Anthony Rd, East Berlin, PA 17316

880 Anthony_01

Enchanted Home on 10 secluded acres comes with English garden, pebble stone driveway in private wooded setting.

This custom estate brings country elegance to life with interior vaulted ceilings, brick and reclaimed barn wood floors, brick and redwood exterior.

880 Anthony_02

Find the home that leaves you inspired and rested every day, and where your Legacy is connected to a place.

880 Anthony_03

The outside comes into your home with large windows showcasing stately forest and garden views from every room.

The property invites you to relax with a stroll under old growth timber to the creekside seating.

880 Anthony_30

880 Anthony_04

880 Anthony_11

880 Anthony_13

880 Anthony_31


Open pasture land and friendly zoning are ready for horses.

880 Anthony_35


9 Essentials for the Perfect Open House

Hosting an open house is your opportunity to show off your home’s potential to the public and lock in that interested buyer. Rather than a traditional home showing, open houses provide you time and flexibility to transform your normally lived-in home into a welcoming, jaw-dropping oasis. Most buyers schedule multiple open houses in one day so they can compare and contrast homes. Here’s how to guarantee yours is successful and unforgettable:


1. Promote, Promote, Promote

The most important aspect of a successful open house is a successful marketing and promotional plan. Get the word out through social media advertisements, open house fliers and door hangers, newspaper ads, and word of mouth. Use all media available to reach the largest audience. Put up directional signs with balloons in the neighborhood and at the front of your home – if no one can find it, not even the most convincing advertisement will save your open house.

2. Tidy Up and Declutter

You only have one chance at a first impression, don’t let that first impression be of a dirty and cluttered home. Some homebuyers may be inclined to lower their offer based on untidy conditions. Furthermore, clutter creates the illusion of a smaller space. Going the extra mile to fluff a pillow will pay off big time in the end. Before the showing remember to:

  • Wipe walls
  • Wash windows and buff countertops, tables, and other surfaces
  • Thoroughly clean bathrooms
  • Clear surfaces and floors of toys, magazines, ornaments, etc.

3. Curb Appeal

This is the presentation of your home to the public. Mow the lawn, clear out weeds, and remove toys or other debris from your yard. Plant flowers in your garden and trim the shrubberies. Make the outside of your home reflect your hard work and staging in the inside.

3505 Kendall Ln_01

4. Remove Pets

Dogs, cats, and other pets should be neither seen nor heard during an open house. Taking them to the park for the day or to a friend’s house will be well worth it. If removing a pet isn’t an option, do not let them roam freely. Try to move them to a confined, less trafficked space until the open house is over.

5. Odor

There is nothing worse than unidentified aromas in a home. No matter what the cause, it’s important to neutralize. Be mindful of factors that contribute to certain odors such as pets, old food in a refrigerator, certain foods cooked the night before, and smoking.  Though you may be used to the odor, it can be quite obvious to an outsider. A simple solution is to invite a friend or relative to do a “smell test” in areas of your home. Ask them to give honest feedback so you can identify and eliminate source. Temporarily changing your lifestyle, such as smoking outside or cooking less potent foods, and hiring a cleaning service is the best way to rid your home of odors before an open house.

6. Home Repairs

Have a drawer that doesn’t close correctly? Have cabinets that are missing handles? Do your walls need a paint touch up? Stains on your carpet? Leaky faucet? It’s time to stop procrastinating and finally tackle these home repairs. If you’ve been avoiding the hassle, chances are buyers want to avoid them too.

7. Family Pictures and Albums

Remove all pictures and albums of your family on the day of your open house. You do not want buyers imagining your family living at your home; you want them to envision their families living in their new home.

8. Remember Your Own Security and Privacy

Don’t let the excitement of a busy open house distract you from your own safety. Lock up small, personal items such as jewelry and expensive electronic devices. Be mindful of bills you may have laying on the counter or personal checks with account numbers and credit card receipts. All spare keys and garage door openers should be out of sight and locked up. Be mindful of certain medications: do not leave them in bathroom medicine cabinets.
9. Stage Your Home

Doing small things such as setting your dining room table will go a long way. Try to make the environment look natural, like you’re having close friends over for Sunday brunch. Air out your home, turn on all lights, and open all of your curtains. Buyers love walking in to a bright and airy space. Add fresh flowers or fresh baked cookies as a finishing touch.

3505 Kendall Ln_15

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