3 Reasons you should retire in Pennsylvania

It is time to enjoy our ‘next phase’ in life. That is what my clients Mary and Tom said to me. They lived in Washington DC and were ready to retire from their government jobs. However, they were looking for a place to enjoy the next phase of their life.

Within a few hours drive of DC, Pennsylvania was a top choice. Here are 3 reasons why they put it at the top of their list.


1. Tax Savings

-Pennsylvania does not tax the income from pensions, Social Security, 401ks, IRA’s, etc. Having these exemptions from state income tax makes it much more attractive and affordable to live, especially for those living on a set income.

-The sales tax is 6%, which is less than many states. Also, basics like food, clothes and heating fuel are exempt from the sales tax, making taxes a smaller part of your budget.


2. Culture

-Within only a few hours drive, many major cites with arts and culture are within reach. Enjoy all the best of the city while keeping away from the traffic and stress.

-Many smaller cities in Pennsylvania, like Lancaster are bursting with culture, music and arts as well if one wants to avoid going into a major city.

3. Quality of Life

-In Pennsylvania, you can enjoy a vibrant mix of scenic beauty, history, food & drink, and entertainment.

-With everything from Amish villages to Gettysburg Battlefields to Music in the Vineyards, you will have a plethora of options to live and enjoy the best years of your life.

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In the end, Mary and Tom chose a sleepy town with a beautiful historic home to call their own. They love making friends with all the neighbors and have the time to relax and enjoy their next phase. When ready, they take a day and enjoy a concert in Baltimore or Philadelphia, but can escape back to their quiet home when the day is done.

If you would like to discuss the best housing options in Pennsylvania, call us any time for a consultation. We would love to hear from you! Naomi: 717-819-2825

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