Proof Ghosts do exist?

Still skeptical about Ghosts? If you are ready for proof they DO exist, the Golden Lane Antique Gallery in New Oxford can show you…

Why is this old brick warehouse so haunted?

Being close to the historic battlefield of Gettysburg sets the stage. Many of the spirits on the battlefield find home there. In the days as a shoe factory, 5 or more workers died in the building and their spirits dwell closely by.

For the past 27 years, as an Antique Gallery, the spirits have come and gone with the many historic furniture and art that have graced the structure to tell their story.

There is in particular, a young girl names Clarissa, and she has a doll that she plays with. The doll is on display at the Antique Gallery, and in use by her at night. Clarissa loves to ‘play’ with visitors, who have felt their hair pulled, toes stepped on and pokes in behind by Clarissa.

 Look closely below: you will see Clarissa’s doll on display.

The former shoe factory turned Antique Gallery is now for sale, courtesy of Berkshire Hathaway, Naomi Brown. Would you love to start a haunted house or similar venue? The owner, Barry Strohm has given ghost tours for many years. Now is the perfect opportunity while the building at 11 North Water St, New Oxford is still for sale. Come make it your own and join the ranks of those who experience the realm of the unseen……

The Ghost Tour room in the basement of Brick Warehouse.