7 Pitfalls to avoid in Building your Dream Home

Have you dreamed of building your own new home, on a private piece of land?

3505 Kendall Ln_01

When you start looking, it can easily become overwhelming! Finding land, finding a quality builder, getting a loan, oh my! And we have only starting thinking about it!

There is no doubt that a quality custom home is a great reward for all that work though!

Dream Foyer

Here are 7 things to consider as you move forward:

  1. What municipality is the land I want to buy located?  Every township has different requirements when a home is built. Go to the township office and have a detailed conversation!

2. Will I connect to public utilities, or drill a well and have a septic system installed? The costs for these vary hugely! Well and Septic will be $10-$30,000. Public utilities are by no means free- sewer and water connection fees can top $7,000+.

3. Is the home I want to build economically feasible? The more elaborate the facade and layout, the higher the price! Consult a builder for advice on making a home less expensive to build.

4. What is the reputation of the builders I am considering? As a knowledgeable Realtor we can advice you on the reputation and building quality of area builders.

5. How will a finance this home? If you are not paying cash for everything, a construction loan will be required. A good local bank or credit union is the best place to go for Construction Loans.

6. What is my time frame? A custom home will take 8 months on average to build, or longer.

7. What will be resale value be? Obviously, you will want to live in your special home for many, many years to come. But when its time to resell, will you make money on your investment? I can advice you on what features will increase your home value from the beginning.

Perfect Luxury Bathroom

There are many more items to consider, but let this be a good starting point! As an experienced Realtor who has sold many new homes and pieces of land, I can advise you on the right course of action!

Building a home can be very complicated, but if you put experience on your side, it can be an easy process. Professional service from a knowledgeable Realtor can save you much time and money! Let me be your partner in making you dream home become a reality.

Contact me to get started today!

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