The Big D- Making the Downsizing Choice

I have a friend who recently sent the last kid off to college, and then started the process of downsizing. She said is was many hours of work, and very hard to sell the family home. But move they did, to a great smaller one floor condo. A few short months later, she was diagnosed with a life changing disease. “I’m so glad I made the decision to move when I did”. She told me last time we talked. The timing seemed providential. “But the lifestyle is also so much easier”, she said.

So you have been thinking of downsizing? Does that bring to mind a cardboard box house squashed next to your neighbor?

Or a spacious villa where you can relax on your patio while you watch your lawn guy sweating in the sun?



Then of course there is the budget to wrestle with. And when it comes down to it, you never want to downsize your comfort in your home! The lazy boy still needs its space, and lets make sure there is a  fireplace  for cold winter nights.


If you have been thinking of making the change to an easier and possible smaller home, its time to talk options.

Many homeowners who choose to downsize love buying a brand new home! The custom options fit their needs more, and after living in the current home for 30+ years, the thrill of a new home is tantalizing!

Perfect Luxury Bathroom

First rule of real estate? Location! There are great options in Dover and Spring Grove for those seeking a more country setting with their lifestyle move.

But what about more central locations? There are some to be has as resale homes in areas closer in to York. If you are looking for NEW options where you can customize, Equine Meadows in Windsor, and Stone Hill in Dallastown are great options.

Equine Meadows is more economical choice for those looking to downsize in price point as well to leave money for leisure activities. Location is ideal for Southern minded folks.


If raising your comfort level while downsizing the work is high on priority list, then Stone Hill is the place for you. Luxurious features come standard, and your dream kitchen/shower/Game room is just a design appointment away. The upscale Villas hide features custom to each homeowner.


The hardest part in this change is usually cleaning out and saying goodbye to the old home. The memories and years of stuff can block the knowledge that it is a wise thing to do.

Is it time for you? Contact Local Realtor, Naomi Brown, on the Tom Pendergast Team at Berkshire Hathaway for a friendly chat about whether the time is right for you.


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