The Beauty of Choices!

Do you love to shop? Be given lots of options? Not pressed into a ‘one size fits all’ kind of home?

IMG_0343Then the choices a new Classic home may be perfect for you! We offer loads of choices to please every owner of a new Classic home!

Need Granite? Who doesn’t? Don’t worry, we have you covered!



Try it out with your cabinet colors, feel the stone in your hand….put it next to your flooring selections! Whatever you what to make it the perfect home it there waiting for you.

So go on, try it out! You will love having a home you filled with the features you love!


Whats your favorite summer time spot?

Relaxing on your deck with a drink and grilled dinner? IMAG0320


In your nice AC controlled home? Or reading a book from your front porch while you watch the sunset?

Wherever you love to be during the summer, chances are that a good bit of that summer time R&R is happening right at home.

Our goal is to make your new home that special place that you love to be at more than any other!

The great thing about a new home is that it is fresh just for you- so go ahead and paint that wall, no wall paper from previous owners to tear off!

Go ahead and plant that rose bush, no horrible Russian Sage to rip out first!


Go ahead and make it your own, and make it a place you love to be!