Just 2 sites left with Mountain Views!

Would you love to sit on your front porch and enjoy the sunrise over the Mountains? With these beautiful homes we are building now, you can do just that!

They will be ready on only 3 short months! Only two sites left- make one your perfect low maintenance home!

Sites ready soon

Only a few sites left with Mountain Views!


The Basement site that is sold!


A few sneaks of the surrounding view!


It looks rough now, but it will be pretty by this June!




Its amazing to see this, and then the final product! We have the same plan finished to view now.

What is your weekend story?

When you come to work Monday morning, do you get asked what you did this past weekend?  What is your response? “Well, I mowed to lawn and mulched and then after that I was so tired I laid on the couch vegging.”

Would you like to actually do something fun on your weekend? Maybe a new home, where all that work is done for you, is just what you need.

New low Maintenance homes.

New low Maintenance homes.

Once you are relaxing in your new home, what story will you create with your weekend?

Here are some options!

Like to Golf? There are three courses close by!

Blue Ridge Course

Colonial Course

Sportsman’s Golf Course

You say you like to hike?

Dauphin County Parks – Check out the many options there are close by!

Boyd Big Tree State Conservation Area– is right behind your new home, with 12 miles of trails inviting you to unwind.

Hocker Township Park– gives you impressive vistas from the top of Blue Mountain!

Trails.com – Gets you going with directions to the hiking nearby.

A road winds through a field to a pavilion by a mountain at Boyd Big Tree Preserve Conservation Area, Pennsylvania.

Or maybe shopping is more your thing……

Colonial Park Mall is close by with tons of choices for your retail therapy needs.

Or say you need a Target? Just a few minutes away.

Weis Markets is just 1/3 a mile away for your grocery shopping.

And many more options of restaurants, stores and services, courtesy of our friend google.

Compliments of Cheryl Clendenon

Compliments of Cheryl Clendenon

 Now that you have time for leisure, some art and culture:

Harrisburg Nightlife– to bring some pizzazz into your life!

Performing Arts– You will be amazing at the local variety!

The Ballet is but one of the performances to see in Hershey Harrisburg

Now, will that make your weekend story a little more interesting?

Leave me a comment and let me know how your weekend was!

Old Houses: Love ‘em or hate ‘em?

Do you love old houses? The charm, the history, the stories hidden in their walls?

The musty smells,  tiny bathrooms and draftiness?

I confess, its more of the latter half that comes to mind when I think of old houses. You see, I grew up in an old house. Actually, first it was not a regular house- it was a one room school house back in the day.  Yep, as in all the kids where in the same room, that’s how old it was. I actually recall as a kid, a very, very old neighbor  telling me he went to school in our house.

The old house that I grew up in

The old house I grew up in

As you can imagine, back when they did one room schoolhouses, modern conveniences like indoor plumbing and insulation were not around. So when my parents bought it in 1975, it had at some point been retrofitted with such things. The main source of heat was a potbellied wood stove. On really cold nights we were allowed to sleep on the floor near the stove, since our bedrooms were a tad bit chilly…..

And we did have a bathroom! Granted, it was only one bathroom, and I had 9 siblings, but hey, at least we didn’t have to use an outhouse! And the claw foot bathtub was great. It wasn’t till I got older and we built an addition that had another bathroom with this amazing thing called a shower, that I realized how incredible such luxuries were. It was awesome that we had a washing machine too- who cares if it was in the bathroom?  Did I mention that this bathroom had a curtain instead of a door? Really.

The kitchen was great- we had the essentials, aluminum shelves to put our stuff on, a sink, and a cooktop. On occasion when it was working, an oven too! My parents always said that they had 10 dishwashers- why should they purchase one when they had so many for free? (That would be us, the kids!, Yeah, we weren’t exactly free.)

Well, after growing up in an old house, can you guess what I live in now? Built in 2005, warm, energy efficient, mouse free and with  multiple bathrooms!

New Homes

The New Home I love to live in now.

How about you? Do you have an old house story? Love em’, but don’t want to live in em’?  Here at Classic, we build homes we would want to live in ourselves. And we do live in them, because we love living in new houses!

Share your thoughts in the comments below!